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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

alberta's new stelmach tory cabinet.

Tory Premier Ed Stelmach released his new cabinet list today.

A quick look over the list doesn't reveal too many surprises, but I will have more in depth commentary later today (the reality of being a University student sometimes overtakes the fun of being a blogger).

Though it is interesting to see Iris Evans as the new Minister of Finance and Enterprise.

Make it so.

UPDATE: As promised, here is my take on the cabinet shuffle.


Libarbarian said...

Minister of Culture's cultural credentials appear to be:
1. Soccer coach
2. Hockey coach

Anonymous said...

No surprises? I thought Heather Klimchuk getting a full ministry while Raj Sherman gets a "parliamentary assistant" role was surprising.

Ed knows he's not in Parliament, right?

Anonymous said...

Ministers: 24 (including the premier)
Parliamentary Assistants: 10
SPC Chairs: 5

People who still think the Conservatives are the "small government" party: 0

Total opposition members: 11

Chances of accountability and democracy in the Alberta Legislature: not good

Chris said...

Aaand so much for the rumors that circled down South here that Broyce Jacobs would get Minister of Agriculture if he beat Paul Hinman. I wonder who started those rumors? Anyway, it appears that Ed has actually met and spoken with Broyce Jacobs, hence his absence from the cabinet.

Manuel said...

Great another useless patsy in the solicitor generals about someone with experiance in that regard...Harvey was great for that post.

Anonymous said...

Boutilier given the boot is good enough to satisfy me that I did the right thing voting for Stelmach

Brian Dell said...

"People who still think the Conservatives are the "small government" party: 0"

This is just the punditocracy. Most ordinary voters figured a vote for the PCs was a vote to keep those dang socialists from taking over.

ch said...


Ha! With Groeneveld maintaining the post, clearly capability isn't a prime consideration for Stelmach on the Agriculture file.

Anon 4:38:

Excellent point.