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Saturday, June 07, 2008

ayla brook.

I saw Ayla Brook play at the Black Dog this afternoon and it was some good stuff.

(Check out more of my favorite YouTube picks...)


Anonymous said...

Rather off topic so your choice to print or not.

I have to wonder if any people in your generation are aware/concerned that the battle to protect freedom of speech/freedom of print is even going on right nowg.

If you are not following blogs such as and or then you probably have no idea. The MSM is virtually afraid to mention anything about the Human Rights Commission for fear of being hauled in -just as Macleans was this past week in Vancouver.

If you don't want to do it for yourselves, then do think about the extreme politically correct climate that you children will inherit if you don't speak up now.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll be attending the provincial NDP convention in Calgary this weekend, Dave?

It'd be great to see you there as an observer. Should be lots of interesting debate around "electoral cooperation" and David Swann's ideas as well.

daveberta said...

Nope, won't be going to any political convention this weekend. It's an all-nextfest weekend for me! :)