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Friday, June 06, 2008

on the hockey night in canada song.

Good lord, I hope this is the only time I will post about this.

I would just like to point out how much fun I'm having watching all those "I hate the CBC because it's a waste of money" people be up in arms because the CBC might be having second thoughts about having to pay $500 every time they play the song.

Maybe Stephen Harper should Stand Up for Canada and nationalize the Hockey Night in Canada song. Now that's something I could get behind.


Anonymous said...

Talk about diversions...
Is this seriously what people are bitching about. WAAAH!

A said...

I should get research credits for this post, Mr. daveberta.

Just sayin'.

And now that saying has been said, I'm going to go back to paying attention to real news. Like who the top 20 finalists are for the new So You Think You Can Dance? ;-)

Trevor said...

This is seriously a non-story. Must have been a slow news week in the Canadian Media.

Even still, who's the jerk charging $500 bucks a pop to play that song.

Anonymous said...

So CBC will
ruin summer barbeques
in rural Alberta because the theme isn't played during the hockey season?

Anonymous said...

Alberta's most famous internet troll is on top of his game - weighs in on a copyright dispute by, you guessed it, posting the copyright material. But meh, he's just a wee university student, and what's yours is his.

Nastyboy said...

It's a song. Get over it.

Saskboy said...

Most famous Internet troll. New tag line?

That would make Anony a hanger-on-troll. Has to troll trolls. And I'd be a troll trolling troller.

Anonymous said...

"Fair dealing"

Use of works for purposes of private study, research, criticism, review, or news reporting that is not considered to represent infringement of copyright.

Brian LaBelle said...

The CBC can afford to pay Don Cherry a half a million bucks to rant after intermission for 5 minutes but won't pay an 80 year old woman fair market value to play our other national anthem?

You know when they have to pay nickelback or Celine Dion ridiculous royalties to play their stuff, the CBC doesn't bat an eyelash because they're supporting Canadian artists.

Stupid of CBC to let this go. BRILLIANT of TSN/CTV to purchase it from her for a fair price.