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Monday, June 02, 2008

kerry diotte still riled over 2007 election.

Still bitter with Ward 5 voters for turfing Edmonton Sun love-child Mike Nickel in the 2007 election, pundit Kerry Diotte has taken aim at Ward 5 Councillor Don Iveson for being concerned with issues like "global warming," rather than only just the same old tax issue.

Following the 2007 municipal election, Diotte accused Iveson of being part of a well-financed left-wing conspiracy to defeat right-winger Mike Nickel. According to public records (available at the City Clerk's Office), Iveson's well-financed left-wing conspiracy of a volunteer-run election campaign cost just $22,546.63 compared to Nickel's $62,453 ($50,400 of donations to Nickel's clearly under-financed campaign were in sums larger than $300, compared to the massive sum of $12,766.40 for Iveson*).

Having only had to spend one-third of what Nickel did on his campaign, maybe Diotte should give Iveson (and Ward 5 voters) a little credit for being creative and fiscally responsible with what he had and what the ideas he brings to the Council (like Smart Growth initiatives) can do to build Edmonton into a better place.



Anonymous said...

Tax-loving Don Iveson is among the most disappointing of the new councilors. I'm appalled by his anti-growth agenda, and his "let them eat cake" elitist attitude when discussing the latest massive tax hike that's crushing working Edmontonians.

Iveson bamboozled us good.

Never again, I say.

Anonymous said...

Nickel was a blowhard whose abrasive attitude alienated himself from the rest of city council, giving him a countless list of 13-1 votes during his thankfully one and only term. Tearing things down is easy and the lazy way to govern. Improve, build, and be prudent is the efficient and cost effective way to govern any city, province, or country.

cl said...

I agree with Iveson. Tax hikes suck but I'm sick of living in a city that cheaps out on its responsibilities. Good on Iveson for standing up for Edmonton and not bowing like a typical politician.

cl said...

And why is Diotte raging about City Council spending money on roads and transit but not writing a peep about Ed Stelmach voting himself a 34% pay hike.

Hypocrizzy? Makes me dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Well financed left wing conspiracy? Who is this Diotte guy?

Don't forget that Lizard-People run the world! Conspiracies everywhere!

joelle said...

I'm happy to have voted for Don Iveson in 2007 and will gladly vote for him again in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Dave, how is Diotte's constant cheerleading for Nickel any different than yours for Iveson?

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous

Because Iveson is one of the most effective, intelligent and engaged councillor on council right now, so he deserves to be cheered for. Nickel was just a bitter old man.