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Monday, June 02, 2008

let's justify that closed-door pay hike!

Two members of Ed Stelmach's Cabinet have won the prize for trying to justify giving themselves an +30% pay hike in a closed-door meeting last week.

1) Health Minister Ron Liepert (MLA Calgary-West):

Albertans have made it clear they want decisive action from their government and that determining their own wage saves time and keeps voters happy.

"We will inevitably come to the conclusion it's deserved, so if . . . it makes sense, then we just do it," Liepert said.

Translation: Albertans re-elected the Stelmach Tories with the specific intent of allowing Ministers to vote themselves a +30% pay hike in a closed-door meeting. This keeps voters happy.

2) Tourism, Parks, and Recreation Minister Cindy Ady (MLA Calgary-Shaw):
"Every time we go to an independent body, people always say to triple our salaries."
Translation: An independent review would have given Cabinet Ministers a 200% pay-hike, instead of the 30% pay-hike that they gave themselves. Therefore, the closed-door pay hikes save Albertans money!

I don't have a problem with Cabinet Ministers being paid well, I would just prefer it if their increases were determined in an open and transparent way (apparently, they disagree).


b_nichol said...

Just a small point: tripling the salary would be a 200% increase, not 90%, which is slightly less than adoubling of the salary.

At least they're consistent: this will make Klein happy to know his legacy of secretive, top-down government continues unabated.

Anonymous said...

Nothing Ed Stelmach does would make Ralph Klein happy. Ralph led an era of small government, or at least he did initially. Mr. Stelmach has returned us to the days of Don Getty. Government spending is out of control and the PC's are practically left of the NDP when it comes to social programs. This province has a program to "help" every single sob story going.

Unless of course you just wanted good roads and working hospitals. The PC's still can't get that shit right.

daveberta said...

b_nichol - noted. thanks, that was a typo.

cl said...

Ron Liepert... is... articulate...