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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

alberta's ndp mp: linda duncan.

I'm very pleased that my vote made a difference.

's new MP is Linda Duncan.

Good work.


Steve said...

Those who claim their votes don't make a difference should look no further.

Congratulations on making a good choice.

Robert Vollman said...

I hope Stephen Harper was listening.

The NDP's proposed moratorium on oil sands development would essentially cost most of the people in that riding their jobs, or at least the province's ability to fund programs they need, and yet that option was still more attractive to highly intelligent and informed voters (like yourself) than him and his Conservative government.

That's a VERY clear message.

Bravo. You all have a right to feel very proud.

Anonymous said...


happy happy happy

Anonymous said...

Dave, that's fantastic.

Robert M. said...

This may be a one-time event. Jaffer had to be the laziest MP of them all, and Duncan's sign advantage, particularly from Park Allen on north, was amazing. A more committed Conservative candidate could probably get better turn-out. Incumbent advantage isn't nearly as big a deal in Canada.

mark said...

ELATED. Jaffer was a dud. straight up.

Democracy? hell yes.

peetee said...

dude - you (or someone claiming to be you), were seen voting in the Edmonton Centre riding (St. Joachim's church basement).

yes - I was in line and heard you (or someone claiming to be you) reference your blog.

kind of looked like you - sans the beard and sticky-up hairdo. How many times did you actually vote? (har, har)

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


They said the 2004 totals were a high-water mark for the NDP in Edmonton-Strathcona. Then they said the 2006 totals were--that it had to have been a fluke. Colour me unsurprised to find the very same naysayers mouthing the same old refrain after a win.

Duncan and her team can hold this. Why? Because she's going to be a wonderful MP, and because her supporters will work hard, hard, hard to keep her in.

Signe said...

I am ecstatic!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when a conservative loses it's democratic but when a conservative wins it's not? There was a comment last night that said, "I'm having a beer for democracy" why because if the result was flipped it would be anything but democracy? Turnout was not very good again in this province. That is something that is more a problem of a "democractic" nature. No talk of that though hey?

Ryan said...

Dammit. It must be nice to live in Alberta and actually have a vote count!

WillBlog said...

My congratulations to Ms. Duncan and her team for running a strong campaign - volunteers for all of the candidates deserve the appreciation of everyone as they the ones who actually make democracy happen in elections.

MAS said...

Well if a "dud" in Edmonton Strathcona can be booted then perhaps another "dud" in Calgary West can also be booted ---it is long past time. Incidentally, I live in Calgary Southwest.

Jeff J. said...

"I hope Stephen Harper was listening."

To what? To one seat out of 28 in Alberta? or to 37 seats out of 308?

I hope Harper listens to the majority of people who said stay the course, not to the vocal minority who think saying popular things to get elected is better than doing the right things.

Me said...

I really hope that the one extra seat the NDP stole from the conservatives in Alberta turns out to be the deciding factor in any parliamentary vote.
However, realistically speaking is there really any difference to Duncan or Jaffer winning this seat? Instead of 144 seats, the conservatives have 143. Do you really think that'll make any difference? I really hope it does.

When was the last time a bill proposed by the ruling party was defeated by 1 vote in the house - with that vote coming from the party who managed to eke out a win in a previous stronghold riding of the ruling party?

I guess the NDP has to look for some positives.

M. Jake said...

Um, the election was decided by 400+ votes, not by 1. Your vote didn't make a difference.