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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

edmonton-strathcona still in play.

CTV is reporting that NDP candidate Linda Duncan is ahead of Conservative Rahim Jaffer by 400 votes in Edmonton-Strathcona. 210/223 polls reporting.

UPDATE: 11:02pm:
215/223 polls reporting. Linda Duncan ahead of Rahim Jaffer by 415 votes in Edmonton-Strathcona.


Anonymous said...

CBC called it for Jaffer.

Anonymous said...

But that was a strange thing for them to do considering it's so close.

A said...

They called it before the majority of polls were even in.

That's called a 'mistake.'

Anonymous said...

This just in... Every other riding in Alberta not in play.

Anonymous said...

1 poll to go, Duncan up 400... I'm having a beer for democracy.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

They called it for Jaffer, and then for Duncan.

*fist pump*! *fist pump*!