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Thursday, February 12, 2009

pastoor ponders joining pc caucus?

According to Calgary Herald columnist Don Braid, Lethbridge-East Liberal MLA Bridget Pastoor is considering crossing the floor to the PCs. Braid quoted Pastoor as saying:

"I think things are in flux and we need some major changes in this province. We need democratic reform, whichever side of the house it comes from."
I agree with this statement, but with a 72 MLAs, I have a difficult time believing that even a moderate democratic reform measure could pass through the institutional inertia of PC caucus. Ask Ken Allred.

UPDATE: A quote from Pastoor in a Liberal news release today:
"I will not cross the floor. I support Dr. Swann’s commitment to democratic reform."


Anonymous said...

And who could blame her? When the tories hit that crucial 73rd member then they'll really have a mandate. You can do a lot more with 73 members than you can with 72. She'll be able to realize all her policy dreams as the influential "Big Seven-Tres." They'll probably make a new ministry for her and everything.

Anonymous said...

While I am a PC supporter, I believe that if she wants to cross over, she should sit as an independant until the next election. I am sure her riding constituants will agree...

Anonymous said...

Let her go, she's deadweight. Anyone who would publicly muse about crossing the floor in a media scrum 10 feet from her party leader is obviously more of a liability than an asset.

Anonymous said...

I think Swann should now expel her from caucus. It would show he has real leadership. Yes going from 9 to 8 MLAs is awful, but does it really change much? No, the PCs will still command a huge majority. And if she moves over to the PC benches without running in a by-election, the opposition can make hay with the Tories lack of concern for the Lethbridge voters.

Anonymous said...

The article also says the she was a Lougheed PC before Klein cut back on social programs. A younger Taft and others can claim that distinction. The article further states that "the Stelmach government, more like Lougheed's(Peter or Rob?) looks familiar to her. There is the magnetism, or is that irresistable mass, on the other side (same side should she defect).

Perhaps it is time for the NPC(New Progressive Conservative) party. Or how about, RLC (Reformed Lougheed Conservative) party.

Anonymous said...

"let her go, she's deadweight" and "Swann should now expel her from caucus". anyone wonders why things are the way they are over there.

Pastoor wins on her efforts...the opposition isn't making any hay down in Lethbridge on a floor-cross should it ever occur.

I'm surprised this qualified as news. I'm pretty sure all around have heard this rumor many times before.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Hey Dave - I'm President of Lethbridge East - and it was news to me this morning.. who knows, I mean, she was a long-term Dick Johnson, Peter Lougheed supporter, clearly she's small "c" conservative.. guess time will truly tell.

Regarding the more recent denial - well, she had a clear opportunity when she was first interviewed to decline - I suspect Swann had a crap, dressed her down, and she's beign politic - for now.

Anonymous said...

Let's face facts. Lougheed's PCs were essentially a liberal party considering their main challengers were the Social Credit.

As for Pastoor, crossing the floor would be the only memorable thing she's done as an MLA in two terms.

Anonymous said...

Wow things just getting worse for the Liberal party. This story about an MLA joining the PCs and then this story

Sure isn't anything to get people interested in rejuvinating politics in AB....

Anonymous said...

"[...] she was a long-term Dick Johnson, Peter Lougheed supporter, clearly she's small "c" conservative.. guess time will truly tell."

Let's not forget there's two letters in "PC."

I've met a number of folks who supported Mr. Lougheed who weren't so much "small c" conservative, as they were progressives who wanted to see change from the undeniably "small c" Social Credit Party.

Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one to have noticed that:

"I will not cross the floor. I support Dr. Swann’s commitment to democratic reform."

Is hardly a ringing endorsement. It also doesn't rule out being involved in the Judy Wilson Club.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Reminds me of a joke.. a guy walks into a bar, and finds his wife sharing a drink with another man.. the guy asks, "Are you having an affair with him".. the wife responds, "Not necessarily", but, "I'm not ruling anything out."


Thank-you, you've been great. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, the current PC party is so big tent it has a terrace and a garden. It will gladly accept almost anyone that doesn't cause an immediate scandal.

The best thing for the PC party would in fact be a resurgent opposition party, of any name, to get rid of all of the liberals, I mean red Tories, I mean "progressives" and get back to basics which will resonate with voters. A freer, less tax burdened society will entice voters more than the Parentocracy in the model of Ontario where they are on the road to controlling all aspects of life for the "good" of its citizen's.

The principles of small 'c' conservatism are being ignored at both the provincial and federal level. I am not sure why the left is trying to vilify them so much when they are essentially Liberal parties without the red; all of the benefits, none of the work.