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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

show me a throne speech that isn't long on promises and short on details.

- Alberta's Throne Speech 2009. Long on promises, short on details, as Throne Speeches always are. Check out David Climenhaga's take.

- Preston Manning is in today's Globe & Mail calling for a sustainable energy security strategy for North America.

- has been launched to raise awareness of the environmentally damaging effects of the oil sands before President Barack Obama's 5 hour Ottawa visit with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on February 19.

- Edmonton's Twestival hit the front page of the Edmonton Journal this morning.

- In a recent poll, new Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff was viewed more positively than negatively in every province except Alberta across all age and gender groups.

- More evidence of the continued implosion of the CanWest media empire. I was sad to hear that the Calgary Herald will be letting go many of its freelance writers, including political writer Les Brost.

- There's some interesting ongoing debate on the state of Liberal politics in Alberta in one of my previous posts.

1 comment:

CS said...

I may have missed something over the last while. Why the implosion of the Canada West Media Empire?

Has there been some drastic change in media the last while?