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Monday, May 18, 2009

albertans need to exercise citizenship against bill 44.

Does the education opt-out clause in Bill 44 make you proud to be an Albertan?

If you're among the growing number of Albertans concerned about the negative impact that Bill 44 could have on our education system, please contact your MLA and let them know (if you don't know who your MLA is, you can check here). I would also encourage Albertans to contact the Premier, and the two cabinet ministers who have been the strongest public defenders of Bill 44:

Premier Ed Stelmach
MLA Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville
Phone: 780-632-6840
Fax: 780-632-6888

Lindsay Blackett, Minister of Culture & Community Spirit
MLA Calgary-North West
Phone: 403-216-5444
Fax: 403-216-5442

Dave Hancock, Minister of Education
MLA Edmonton-Whitemud
Phone: 780-413-5970
Fax: 780-413-5971
The Legislative Assembly is not sitting this week and MLAs from across Alberta will be in their hometowns meeting with constituents. Don't miss this opportunity to make your voice heard.


kenchapman said...

I'm glad you too are asking the question if Bill 44 c 11.1 opting out provisions make you proud to be an Albertan. That is the key values issue.

If we normalize ignorance we do serious harm to our society.

Anonymous said...

Shit, and I had a Dave Hancock sign on my lawn last election. I am sending am email this afternoon.

eadnams said...

Personally, I say teach all the commonly held "creation" theories, and also teach *real critical thinking*, and let them decide.

Parents can't shield their children from anything in this modern age, and its foolish to think so.
I ask, should Athiest parents let their kids not attend a class if it's teaching "creationism"? How is it any different?

This is a bit of a tangent... but Replacing one commonly held thought with another commonly held thought does not change anything. 100 years ago it was only creationism... now its all evolution... wonder what it'll be in another 100 years, open mindedness and critical thought is key.

I think this demonstrates a larger issue with our education system. Kids are being taught what to think, but not *HOW TO THINK*. To quote my mother:

"I was never happier than when you graduated high school and you were free from that STUPID, STUPID system."

I'm not saying I have answers, but I'm posing questions. This is beyond Bill 44 alone I feel that this controversy is a symptom of a larger issue with our education system.

k.w.m said...

With other issues and being Mr.Stelmach's constituent for over 15 years, I can honestly say "GOOD LUCK" on having him respond.

Anonymous said...

could always hit up and have your say there as well.

Anonymous said...

Hardcore liberal bloggers like Dave saying that Albertans "need" to be outraged over Radical Pet Issue "X" is the same type of tired, typical Liberal arrogance that Albertans resoundingly defeated at the polls over a year ago.

I, for one, am proud to be living in Alberta, and am proud of the legislature for standing up for intellectual liberty.

Ryan said...

Creationism is a veiled attempt to squeeze the round peg of biblical literature into the square peg of data-based empiricism. Fact is that they aren't the same thing and the jokers on here who call it "intellectual liberty" and the like are either foolish, misguided, or both.

It's insulting to both the authors of the Bible and science to pretend that creation theory is anything other than an attempt to gain legitimacy for a poor theology and an authoritarian political ideology.

JT said...

To Anon 2:43

I don't think that the word "need" appears once in Dave's post; he is simply posing a question.

By manipulating the wording of his query you are in fact proving that you yourself likely fall under the "hardcore PC sympathizer" label.

Anonymous said...

Uh, JT, you might want to check out the title of this post before you decide to make a fool of yourself again.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Dave. I just emailed my MLA and ccd Stelmach, Hancock, and Blackett. Keep up the great work.

Jon in Calgary

Anonymous said...

Bill 44 protects my rights and liberties as an Albertan. No longer can a hippy socialist liberal teachers union force my children to learn about homosexuals and conspiracy theories like evolution. I am a proud Albertan. I am proud that Stelmach Blackett and Hancock are standing up for my right to decide what my children are learning.

eadnams said...

@3:48:00 PM

AS I said above... Your children are going to hear/learn about it regardless of Bill 44, or what is being taught in school. You can not keep them in your bubble. Welcome to the 21st century. I would suggest teaching children so that they know how to analyze what they are taught, compare it to their beliefs, and decide what they do or do not agree with.

Anonymous said...

Dave Hancock is talking about Bill 44 on his blog.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else remember when Dave Hancock was considered the most PROGRESSIVE MLA in the Progressive CONSERVATIVE government.

Kelly said...

According to Hancock's blog apparently the opting out is for classes dealing with religion and sexuality, not evolution. I don't know how much of that is true.

I just wanted to say that I'm from Ontario and I do not remember ever learning about homosexuality in school. So if Alberta is discussing this at all in the classroom then maybe you guys are more progressive, or I am just getting old.

Durham Reporter said...

After reading all comments on this post I'm a little perplexed.

At which point did it become a common belief that the state has the right to interfere in how a parent raises their child. Last time I checked the only allowable cause for state intervention was abuse. I hardly think a difference of opinion on how the earth came to be is abuse. The main issue here isn't about homosexuality or creationism, its about parental rights to choose how their child will be educated. No, you cannot sheild them from the world, but you can let the world in on your own terms.

To all the people advocating against the opt-out clause remember that the penduleum never stops in the middle on the backswing. You may not like it so much when on the receiving end.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the PCs Bill 44, however I find it ironic that Human Rights are getting any attention at all. Even if you disagree with Ezra Levant on most issues like I do at least he made people aware of the commission. I have filed a human rights case with the commission in 2004 that stills remains unresolved. I have written to ministers, mlas of all stripes, the premier, the press (paper and TV) and the bottomline truth is human rights is not a priority in this province, not on this blog, not anywhere. This is simply a flash in the pan nothing more. How long have you been complaining about the Commission or how rights are protected in this province? This blog has simply being following the media hype and thats it. The Commission needs serious reforms but all the attention is on a moronic opt out clause. People are missing the forest for the trees. Have a real debate about human rights, not this bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Dave. I'm going to contact all three and voice my strong support for Bill 44.

Canadaka said...

View Bill44 discussion on twitter using

sweetums said...

Hey Anonymous...I think we met before. Was it at the book burning or the Witch Hunt? I was the one that was envious of the broad brush you used to paint everyone with.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetums,
so where have you been on the fight for human rights in this province?