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Thursday, July 28, 2005

rick bell rocks.

Rick Bell rocks today.


daveberta said...

lol. you're funny, Sen. Considering his peers at the Calgary Sun include the likes of Paul Jackson, Licia Corbella, Link Byfeild, and Ezra Levant, I think he's doing quite well.

I liked the article, but the Sun chain of newspapers only ranks a little below the National Inquirer and the Examiner. Like the Edmonton Sun, the Calgary Sun is no doubt a rag.

Allie Wojtaszek said...

I have to agree, especially after living in Calgary for 9 years.

Rick Bell sucks and he is a phony. He sometimes talks a good talk, but doesn't actually care about what he writes about, or the "little guy" he exploits to make a good column. He's just doing his job.

daveberta said...

I forgot to mention that I'm probably more biased than the average Albertan ;-)