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Thursday, July 28, 2005

sasquatch hair was positive... old buffalo hair.

Along with my chums Colin Robertson and Jason Tobias, I went to the Sasquatch Hair press conference at the University of Alberta today (partly because we’re nerds, and partly because we all work on campus).

And yes, Dr. David Coltman announced to the world that the hair sample from the Yukon was not that of Big Foot, but was in fact old buffalo hair, at least a year old.

It was a big deal I guess, because over 20 reporters and 5 news cameras came out for the show. I guess this was big news.

At least it was entertaining.

More Sasquatch related news can be found here.


AWGB said...

Heheh. They are also commonly referred to as Bison.

Allie Wojtaszek said...

You guys really are nerds :-)

Mark Richard Francis said...

Don't you know that Sasquatch have the same hair as bison? Geez...

This is definitive proof that the sasquatch are real!


daveberta said...

It was awesome. It really made my day.

daveberta said...

All this means is that Sasquatch wears a coat made of Bison fur!

AWGB said...

Reading you headline, one would deduce that the Sasquatch has HIV.

And yes, the possibility remains that Mr. Sasq was wearing a Bison fur coat. Like Anthony Hopkins did in The Edge.