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Saturday, October 29, 2005

banff vs. jasper.

Being the political nerds we are, we thought we'd look back at some of the results from last November's Provincial Election.

Today, we look at the results from two of Alberta's well-known Rocky Mountain towns: Banff and Jasper. Though this post shouldn't be mistaken for a "cognative analysis" of any kind, we hope you enjoy the charts we made. ;-)

We didn't find it very surprising that Banff voters supported a more right-wing party, but we were a little surprised at the political plurialism found in the beautiful mountain town of Jasper... we knew there was a reason why we like Jasper more than Banff...

A quick look at the electoral history of Jasper, in the West Yellowhead riding, will show that it has elected opposition MLA's in the past. New Democrat Jerry Doyle (1989-93) and Liberal Duco VanBinsbergen (1993-97). In 1997, VanBinsbergen was edged out by Tory Ivan Strang. In 2001, Strang cruised to re-election and was also re-elected in 2004. So, West Yellowhead has a tradition of sometime electing opposition MLA's...

Image hosted by

Banff, in the Banff-Cochrane riding, voted fairly solidly Tory, though we were very surprised at the strength of the Alberta Green vote in Banff, edging out the Liberals for second place.

Image hosted by

Not that was wanted to prove anything critical with this post. We just like making charts.

AA = Alberta Alliance
AG = Alberta Greens
LIB = Alberta Liberals
ND = Alberta NDP
PC = Progressive Conservative


interlocutor said...

Hey 'berta, looks like your % totals on the second chart may be funky... they add up to 100 but do not reflect the distribution in the previous line.

Should it read:
3% 22% 19% 8% 49%


daveberta said...

It's Alberta. We can spin the numbers however we want... you should know that by now. ;-)

Jim said...

Wow, this is so dorky, Dave.

Actually, I shouldn't talk, because last winter vacation, I compared the 2001 and 2004 provincial poll-by-poll results and calculated how many individual polls were won by each party across the province.

And I didn't admit this to anyone.

But yeah, I have noticed that Jasper is decidedly more left-leaning than most small Alberta towns. I wonder why this is.