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Saturday, October 29, 2005

welcome to the mother ship.

Nice to see that 10 years after the boom began, they're finally thinking about coordinating development in the Oil Sands... a press release from Alberta's Public Affairs Bureau and Alberta Energy released the other day titled "Province Developing a plan to Coordinate Oil Sands Development."


"The environment is our Mother ship, and it is important that we focus on sustainable development that preserves the natural resources and beauty of our province."
- Alberta Environment Minister Guy Boutillier
Welcome to the Mother Ship...


Jim said...

Mother ship?

Is that were Ted Morton came from?

AWGB said...

I was your 19,000th visitor. Cool!

Sam said...

My favorite "Way to catch on Alberta government" was the statement in the Advanced Ed review policy documents. "Alberta is looking at combining it's social and economic policy whereas it has always looked at these as two seperate pillars."
Wow! And here I thought that was the definition of government, combining social and economic policy to address the needs of society.