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Thursday, October 27, 2005

our scoop.

Holy smokes...

It appears our scoopage of the Globe & Mail on the Alberta rebate cheque designs story (much to the dismay of mr. c-lo) has boosted our blog traffic up a little bit from to the usual daily 90-100ish to around 400 visitors today.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed and come back to visit. :-)

(Extra props go to Calgary Grit, Dust My Broom, Red Between the Lines, and Matthew Good (we own 3 of your CD's...) for the linkage - which had much to do with the boost in traffic - sorry if we missed anyone).


AWGB said...

Haha. That's where I saw these - in the G and effin M.

c-lo said...

It isn't a scoop! You posted them the night before they were published! A scoop would imply that you got the story first, rather you just published it first because the G&M is distributed in the morning. If they had actually found the story via your blog, then you would have scooped them!

daveberta said...

" It isn't a scoop!

you're just jealous you didn't post them first. :-P