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Friday, November 25, 2005

buy nothing day.

Can someone explain to us a couple things about Buy Nothing Day?

1. Why does it fall on a Friday?
2. Does beer count? Because... it's Friday... and it's been a long long week.

We're sitting in SUB finishing off a book review and 5 guys dressed in drag just walked by...

Also, this weekend, we will have the full report of our exciting adventure to the Alberta Legislature this week...

Highlights include...
... MLA's signing Christmas cards.
... an update on Dave Hancock's hair colour.
... a certain leadership candidate playing paddy-cake.
... and much much more.


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I heard that beer and morning coffee is excluded.

Lisa Saarloos said...

Yeah but what about shoes? Does buy nothing day mean you can't buy shoes? Because that would make it the most backward initiative ever.

Also, won't the Mall collapse completely?

Jim said...

Fuck Buy Nothing Day.

I bought the new Queens of the Stone Age live album, a Muse CD, and a case of Coca-Cola out of defiance.

Well, not really defiance so much as thirst. A thirst for sucrose-based beverages and ROCK N ROLL.

Jim said...

Oh God, there's another Jim out there?

This cannot be.

I will destroy you with my brain.

CFAC Library said...

I think BND is usually today because it is one of the busiest shopping days in the US... and somewhat here. And there are usually lots of sales and stuff.

I bought a coffee and a scone today. :O

Unknown said...

Dammit, I didn't know it was BND, I bought a copy of today's paper. Though, that was all I bought today.

-Socialist Swine

Sunir Shah said...

It's Buy Nothing Day because it's American Thanksgiving. Thursday is for turkey, and Friday--called Black Friday--is for shopping!

It's the busiest shopping day of the year for our neighbour downstairs.