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Thursday, November 24, 2005

pre-electoral projectation

A friend email this cool election projector to us. It's fun for political nerds!


Gauntlet said...

Yeah, that's not a bad effort. Interface is a little un-intuitive. You should be able to see the controls and the result at the same time.

Also, zoom in on the Edmonton region, and the constituencies are all mis-named.

Tawcan said...

Stumbled onto your site and thought I would say hi.

That is a very good election predictor.

Unknown said...

I like how they show predictions from the recent polls, it seems that, at least according to them, the NDP might pick up a few more seats.

-Socialist Swine

daveberta said...

hi tawcan! :-)

Yeah, it should be interesting to see if the ND's pick up more seats. We think they will (though they got 15% of the vote last time and only got 19 seats - dumb FPTP!)

We were glad to hear that Olivia Chow is running again in Trinity-Spadina, hopefully she'll pull it off this time!