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Sunday, December 11, 2005

dumb headphones...

Friday, while downtown on business, we headed down to the HMV to check if they had a copy of the Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack on CD. Unfortunately, they did not. That leaves us dumbfounded at where to get a copy! Seriously folks! What kind of world do we live in when in EDMONTON - a city of nearly a MILLION people - you CANNOT find a physical copy of a Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack!

1000% props for ANYONE out there in blog-o-land who can tell us where we can track down a copy in Edmonton. We pondered ordering a copy over or ebay, but it most likely wouldn't get here before Christmas....

Here are the places we've checked out so far...

1. a&b sound - downtown
2. Blackbird Music - Whyte Ave
3. Megatunes - Whyte Ave
4. HMV - Edmonton City Centre

So... back to the title of the story... while at HMV, we made a purchase or two, one being a pair of headphones. In the past, we have opted to buy the $6.99 headphones (which tend to break after a month or so), so this time we decided to be economically smart and buy the $11.99 pair (in hopes of saving money over the long run). So, very pleased with our purchase, we made our way back to our hovel in Garneau only to discover that the said $11.99 headphones were DEFECTIVE! ARRRR! Imagine our reaction. It twas not pleasant.

So, as time would have it, we broke out of the womb of academic submergence for 1 hour this afternoon to travel back to HMV downtown to exchange our headphones for an undefective set. So, the conclusion of our story is, HMV has nearly no problem exchanging stuff. They didn't even ask us for a receipt! (we also stopped at Staples downtown to pick up some cheap printer paper).

And finally, Edmonton people: Isn't it insanely beautiful outside? It must have been +10C today! Big blue sky! Spring jacket time! Very sweet!


Nastyboy said...

Check the wee book inns and pawn shops. Most of what they have is garbage but you find the odd gem.

Anonymotron said...

I'm tellin' ya, those blue Greyhound headphones will last FOREVER, for only $3.00. The sound quality falls somewhere between "crude magnet stereo you made as a science project in Grade 8" and "your mom's hi-fi from the 60s that she trashed listening to the Stones too loud," but those buggers would survive a nuclear war.

Nicholas said...

I believe is guaranteeing delivery in time for Christmas on orders placed before December 17th, so you'd still have time if you can't find it locally.