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Saturday, December 10, 2005

the hancock, unleashed...

Watch out ladies, Alberta PC leadership candidate Dave Hancock is stylin' a fancy new website.

He's hip, he's cool, his website has a picture of old people kisssing, and he's got a Crew.


McGuire said...

All he needs now is some bitches & he'll be a true Gangsta

"Steve Smith" said...

I was hoping that you meant he had a crew-cut, to tell you the truth. Because I think that would be funny.

Jim said...

Aw yea, Hancock in tha HIZZOUSE!

Can I get a

Can I get a

Can I get a what what from da red tories?

Holla at ya Hancock.

jenB said...

i will be his bitch iffin' i can kick him in the nads. or have i said too much?

fabulous blog daveberta! you rule!

daveberta said...

yo diggy.

and thanks, jen! :-)

Michael Fox said...

That's pretty funny. :)