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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Premier Klein has announced that this September, he will submit a letter to his party asking for a leadership convention to be held. Whether he will stay on as Premier after September or appoint an interim Premier is yet to be seen.

More analysis soon.


Anonymous said...

So he's hanging on for the fall session. Good thing then that in this province that only means about three weeks of legislation!

Any word of when cabinent will be shuffled? I assume a few people will be leaving shortly...

Anonymous said...

Hope could only spring eternal the idiot sheep electorate of Al-turda get a brain and realize proper democracy involves choice and informed decisions. Good riddance to bad rubbish, who's the next tinpot conservative hack to take the help of this pathetic excuse for a democracy?

My province needs an enema.

Anonymous said...

I believe Klein said that his preference would be to not have a fall session - which has oft been the case.

And, it will be interesting to see who the replacemenmt cabinet ministers will be - old school or new blood - left or right.

On another front, as a conservative, I'm embarrassed to admit that, by far, the best covereage of this unfolding situation has been a Liberal blog. Good on ya Dave!


Anonymous said...

There's a good article in the editorial section of today's Globe & Mail that discusses how Preston Manning might be better off to start a new provincial party than to try and capture the Tory leadership.

Frankly I would love to see Preston start a new right wing base. There is room for a party that is commited to tight fiscal policy, environmental stewardship, and mid-line social stances. On the federal scene we have the Green Party occuping such a place, however the provincial Greens seem to be completely still born (odd, since the federal Greens do quite well in southern Alberta).

The Alberta Alliance is a bit of a joke. Paul Hinman cannot string together two coherent sentences and I would be amazed if the Alliance can keep his seat, let alone make gains, with him at the helm. Perhaps if the SoCreds had docked the mothership to the Alliance hull they might have been able to land someone of worth (Oberg? Manning?) as their next leader. Perhaps that will still happen, although it seems unlikely.

Now folks... what do we name this new right wing party?

Anonymous said...


daveberta said...

thanks, AB/bc!

daveberta said...