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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

resign for leadership day!

Advanced Education Minister Dave Hancock has resigned from cabinet today in order to fully concentrate his time on running in the Alberta PC leadership race. No word yet on who his replacement will be.

Following the resignations of Lyle Oberg and Ed Stelmach, this is the third cabinet resignation in the past month.

Afar, Ontario Education Minister Gerard Kennedy has resigned from Dalton McGuinty's cabinet to run in the Federal Liberal leadership race.

UPDATE: Rumour has it that Denis Herard will be the new Minister of Advanced Education.


Anonymous said...

Ty Lund, MLA for Rocky Mountain House, has been appointed Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, a role he has been acting in for almost two weeks.

Lund held the Infrastructure portfolio from 2001 to 2004. A stronger focus on capital planning has resulted in the creation of a new cabinet position of Associate Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation. Little Bow MLA Barry McFarland will fill that role as Minister Responsible for Capital Planning.

Gary Mar, MLA for Calgary – Mackay, is the new Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations. Mar previously held the Community Development.

Denis Herard, MLA for Calgary-Egmont, has been appointed Minister of Advanced Education. Herard chaired the Education and Employment Standing Policy Committee.

Denis Ducharme, MLA for Bonnyville – Cold Lake, trades in his whip duties to take on the Community Development portfolio.

Whitecourt – Ste. Anne MLA George VanderBurg takes up the Government Services post. VanderBurg recently served as chair of the Energy and Sustainable Development Standing Policy Committee.

Duncan said...

I'd like to take the time to point out Lyle did not resign from the cabinet, but was suspended from caucus, making his inclusion in cabinet nearly impossible.

daveberta said...

noted, thanks, duncan. :-)

CFAC Library said...

What do we know about Monsieur Herard?

daveberta said...

" What do we know about Monsieur Herard?"

He looks like Santa Claus.

CFAC Library said...

Karl Marx looks like Santa Claus too. I think this will be the topic of an upcoming paper of mine.