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Thursday, September 14, 2006

dinning to stump for cash down east.

Following my previous post about the out-of-province that Alberta PC leadership candidates Jim Dinning and Ted Morton were doing in British Columbia, it appears that Dinning will be pitching for cash at Toronto and Winnipeg fundraisers later this month...

Former Alberta treasurer Jim Dinning's supporters also hosted a Vancouver event last week, and have scheduled fundraising bashes later this month in Toronto and Winnipeg, where they've canvassed previously.
This leaves the question: should candidates for provincial internal-party leaderships be allowed to fundraise outside Alberta?

Because there are no rules stating that Alberta PC leadership candidates have to publicly announce the names of the individuals and corporations that donate to their campaign, Tories, Albertans, and Canadians will have no ideas as to who or where in Canada the campaign money is coming from.

In a decisive internal-party race where the next Alberta PC leader will become Premier, are Alberta Tories really okay with letting out-of-provincers fund the candidate of their choice?

UPDATE: Paula Simons has a good article on the out-of-province fundraising issue: Outsiders help bankroll leadership candidates: 'If non-residents can't vote for a Tory leader, they shouldn't be able to buy one either.'


Anonymous said...

imagine that. Ontario money deciding the Alberta Tories leadership race.

Maybe we should call him Toronto Jim?

Jim said...

Dave, haven't you learned that It's Okay As Long As You're A Conservative?

Anonymous said...

Rich high rolling Torontonians for Dinning!

Anonymous said...

Rich high rolling Torontonians for Dinning!

Anonymous said...

Morton says it's okay because he's only going to western provinces. What? Are eastern Canadians not worthy enough to support Morton?