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Monday, January 21, 2008

wrap enters stage right.

The Wild Rose Alliance Party (WRAP) was formed this weekend with Paul Hinman as their leader. With only 3 or 4 weeks to organize and nominate candidates, I think it's a little too tell what sort of an effect the merger (or reuniting) of the Alberta Alliance and Wild Rose Party will have in the next election. I'll try to post something more in depth on this in the near future.

Calgary-Egmont Take Two: Paul Jackson-endorsed Jonathan Denis defeated Vicki Engel and Don Middleton in the Progressive Conservative nomination. In December 2007, Denis was defeated by Craig Chandler for the Calgary-Egmont Tory nomination before Chandler was booted from the PC nomination by Ed Stelmach and the PC executive for his extreme views. Denis will face off against former Calgary Catholic School District Chair and Alberta Liberal candidate Cathie Williams, and now-Independent candidate Craig Chandler.


Anonymous said...

Fran in Medicine Hat comments: yikes, Jonathan Denis seems to be the epitome of all things I am repulsed by on the Conservative scene. "Proud to be on the Board of Directors of Kenney's Calgary-Southeast Board of Directors" (well I guess someone has to do that!) "President of a political communications firm" - hope Elections Alberta keeps close tabs on this little fact. But the ringer was: "I was hired for my first political job as an executive assistant to the former leader of the Saskatchewan opposition." Was this before or AFTER THE infamous Grant Devine Conservatives? the ones who eventually made it to power and then were booted in 1991after the fraud scandals hit the fan? Refurbishing a tarnished image for the Saskatchewan PCs might be a useful tool for the Stelmach government - but I predict this "Conservative PR spinner" won't make it to Edmonton - Williams for the Liberals looks like a winner to me. Others who know Denis may have another opinion, I'm just going by his webpage.

Anonymous said...

you should do your research before spouting off. the truth is that jonathan denis worked for none other than federal Liberal RALPH GOODALE when Ralph was leader of the Sask provincial Liberals. Oops.

You probably didn't know that Jason Kenney is also from a well-known Saskatchewan Liberal family - did ya.