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Monday, March 23, 2009

fox news apologizes [re: mocking canadians in afghanistan].

On March 20, I posted a video clip of Fox News' Greg Gutfeld and guests mocking the role of Canada's military in Afghanistan. Today, Gutfeld and Fox News are apologizing for the comments.

From iNews880:

A Fox News host is apologizing to Canadians in the face of widespread outrage over comments he and his guests made on a late-night talk show.

`Red Eye' host Greg Gutfield says his comments `may have been misunderstood' and in no way were meant to disrespect `the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military.'

Fox News issued the Gutfield statement just after the Canadian government demanded an apology for what it called the `despicable' and `disgusting' comments.


Curmudgeon-at-Large said...

George Russell, Executive Editor of Fox News, was born and raised in Calgary, and graduated from the University of Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Good. They made some awfully ignorant comments.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

I object to your post's title. That is not an apology. (Literally, I mean. It's just not.)

Nastyboy said...

Telling stupid and unfunny jokes is not something they need to apologize for. Red Eye is a third rate Bill Maher show that nobody should take seriously.

Canadian media and Canadians in general trash the US on a daily basis. It's practically our national pass time. Why are we off limits?

Doug Benson's show in Edmonton was cancelled due to death threats against him and the owners of the club. Stay classy Canada.

Sir Francis said...

Idealistic Pragmatist is right. This isn't an apology. Gutfield only "apologised" for having been "misunderstood". I guess we all failed to interpret correctly his call to invade our "ridiculous country".

Canadian media and Canadians in general trash the US on a daily basis.

Yeah, CanWest Global, the National Post, the Globe, the Sun chain, the Calgary Herald, AM talk-radio--all hot-beds of seething anti-Americanism. Coyne, Wente, Fulford, Steyn, Amiel, Frum--all David Orchard's spawn.

Nastyboy is right on one count. Red Eye is strictly for morons, as is Fox News as a whole. It also just happens to be one of the most powerful agenda-setting networks in the States, and Gutfield's Canada-hating bile is perfectly within the mainstream of U.S. neo-con punditry. Consult what Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson have had to say about us if you need confirmation of that.

Nastyboy said...

Sir Francis said...
Consult what Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson have had to say about us if you need confirmation of that.

What impact has anything carlson or Coulter ever said had on US, Canada relations?

Nastyboy said... had the best headline about this idiocy.

"Canada Mistakes Fox News' Greg Gutfeld for Person of Influence"

Why should Canada give a rats ass about what these guys have to say? Are we that fragile?

Sir Francis said...

Are we that fragile?

We're probably about as fragile as the Americans seemed when they got their knickers all in a twist over Carolyn Parrish...and the whole "Freedom Fries" thing.

But, yeah...I guess we should resist the urge to sink to their level.

Anonymous said...

I agree with an earlier poster, this is not an apology and Dave you would do well to recognize that fact.

Few people pay attention to how the liars and criminals that make up today's Republican party can manipulate the English language.

This man said his comments may have been misunderstood. But they were not. We all understand the disrespect given towards the Canadian Forces and their sacrifices.

Anonymous said...

"the liars and criminals that make up today's Republican party"

That's right! Let's fight idiotic comments with more idiotic comments. *eye roll*

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

I would like to clarify that my point that this was not an apology wasn't made on ideological grounds, it was made on definitional grounds. Whether you think the Fox News broadcast was funny or awful, whether you think they needed to apologize or whether you think they didn't, those words simply do not meet the definition of an apology (discussed in the link in my first comment). Calling it an apology is simply incorrect no matter how you look at it.