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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

danielle smith strongly considering a wildrose alliance bid.

David Climenhaga was the first to write about it last week, and this week, Ontario blogger Stephen Taylor has posted a video interview with Danielle Smith where she suggests that her bid for the Wildrose Alliance leadership is very likely. Smith resigned from her position at Canadian Federation of Independent Business last Friday.

During the interview, Smith mentioned that a PC MLA had approached her to run as a PC candidate in a potential Fall 2009 by-election in Calgary. Over the past three months, a number of sources have indicated to me that Calgary-Glenmore PC MLA & Deputy Premier Ron Stevens may resign before the end of the year.

(h/t Dawn Walton)


Anonymous said...

Two-plus hours and no comments? Okay, I'll go first.

Good luck to her (no, I don't really mean it). While I think she probably has a lot to offer, I'm not sure that the majority of current grassroots members of the WRA would agree. From what I have seen of them, most of them are men (how many women did they run in 2008 - 8?), and the majority of those believe that women should be home, raising children. Their fundraising success is based on the generosity of a few deep-pocketed supporters, and they are clearly willing to sell themselves to the energy industry to keep the cash rolling in. Danielle says all the right ultra-conservative things (did you catch the reference to property rights?), but I'm not sure these guys are ready for her.

As to some of the stuff she says in this video about the impacts of the royalty regime, I would expect her to be a little more knowledgeable. The gas industry has cratered, not because of the royalty regime (in fact, royalties are less under the new regime than they would have been had no changes been made, because the new royalties are price sensitive), but because gas is $3.17 per Mcf, down over $7 from one year ago. I'm sure she's gotten used to being able to say anything about government policy at CFIB, without being called on it when it's untrue, but that will change if and when she becomes a party leader.

I got a good laugh out of her statement that Ed Stelmach is a "very nice man." I am reminded of what the 2008 PC Campaign Manager Randy Dawson said (remembering that Dawson was a key figure in the Dinning leadership campaign), i.e., "never underestimate Ed Stelmach." Yeah, he's a nice man, but those who discount him because he is nice, humble and respectful do so at their peril.

Danielle, you probably have a pretty bright future ahead of you, but it probably isn't as the leader of the WRA. Hopefully, your upcoming vacation gives you the perspective you need to come to that realization.

Anonymous said...

If I was PC insider the comments above would be exactly what I wanted Danielle to hear.

As a former PC and hopefully soon a new WRAer I think Danielle would stand a real shot getting beachhead in the legislature in the next election which could catapult her into contention for the Premiership in the following one. This is how Lougheed replaced the Socred dynasty - he built on the 6 seats he won in the previous election, gained 2 more from defections and won 2 in a bylection for a caucus of 10. Those ten MLAs then faced down the mighty Socreds in what was reported to be a very boring election and won a majority government.

Danielle - go for it. PCs like the one above me will try and scare you, try and make you second guess yourself, and intimidate you. That's how Ed's party operates. Ed is a turkey being led by a bully named Ron Glen. Don't listen to what they have to say.

Alberta needs a real conservative. That's you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I was trying to make her see reason. I may have gone a bit overboard on the comment about women staying home to raise children (although if you watch the 2008 debate, I think you'll see Hinman utter the code words). The rest is just the truth, dude, and I don't notice you trying to refute it. I wouldn't bother trying to scare her - I doubt very much that a woman as experienced in Conservative politics as she is will be scared by an anonymous blog post.

And to paraphrase lloyd Bentsen, "I've met Peter Lougheed, and Danielle Smith is no Peter Lougheed."

Bible Bill Revisted said...

To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, "I've met William Aberhart, and Peter Lougheed is no William Aberhart."

Northumberland Clipper said...

Nice video. But the real question remains:

Has Danielle Smith ever visited Northumberland?

Raymaker said...

Just what Alberta needs. A female version of Rob Anders. This should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Which PC MLA could have approached her? Or is that simply BS?

tjk said...

Anon - Did you just claim that Ron Glen runs the province?

I'm gonna go inform Ron of that fact; he'll be thrilled! I needed a morning laugh, thank you for that.

David J. Climenhaga said...

God bless you, Daveberta, for crediting me with the scoop! Mainstream media never would have done that. To repeat what I said elsewhere, I think Anonymous and Raymaker are selling Ms. Smith short, which is as dangerous as selling Ed Stelmach short. She's much sharper than Mr. Anders, in my view, and those sexist male WAP members will love her, just like Republicans love Sarah Palin and British Tories loved Margaret Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

Well, my understanding of the situation in Glenmore is that Diane Colley-Urquhart is preparing her campaign to be the PC nominee, against challenger Alnoor Kassam. Maybe Rik McIver should throw his hat in the ring, with Bronconnier standing for the liberals and govern then city and province simultaneously!

There was some discussion about the possibility of Lori Czerwinski standing as the liberal candidate in the riding after she lost out to Dave Rodney in Calgary Lougheed. No idea if, or who, the NDP might field, likewise the greens.

Anonymous said...

News changes fast down here in south Calgary - now it seems that the liberal challenger will be Jason Moscovitz, should Ron Stevens stand down this summer.