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Monday, May 18, 2009

george dadamo enters liberal contest in calgary-glenmore.

With a website and Twitter account up and running, it appears that George Dadamo is in the race to represent the Alberta Liberal Party in the imminent Calgary-Glenmore by-election.

A radio broadcaster and media writer, Dadamo represented Windsor-Sandwich in the Ontario Legislature from 1990 to 1995, where he served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation in Premier Bob Rae's NDP government.

While running a candidate with government experience would be a big catch for David Swann's Liberal Official Opposition (and a vote of no-confidence in Brian Mason's NDP), I can imagine that his opponents in the nomination race and the by-election won't hesitate to highlight any Rae Days connections of Dadamo's past.

UPDATE: Soon after this was posted, Mr. Dadamo's campaign provided me with a campaign biography.


Simon said...

(and a vote of no-confidence in Brian Mason's NDPPfft. I looked through some newspaper archives for "George Dadamo" from 1985 to 2007. he was parliamentary secretary for transportation. It appears he only ever made the headlines talking about mandatory bike helmets and a universal bus pass for the GTA. A one-term MPP from over 12 years ago in a different province? Big deal. Swann can have him.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the Ontario NDP when Dadamo was an MPP the Alberta NDP are a fringe party.

Tristan said...

Calgary-Glenmore has grown, spreading employment through the neighbourhoods. Thousands of newcomers have arrived from provinces where people aren't taught from birth to hate Liberals.

Ron Stevens held off these pressures because he was, warts and all, a great MLA.

The next PC candidate might be a talented neophyte, but they won't be Ron Stevens.

Anonymous said...

The NDP don't stand a chance in Calgary. This is why Dadamo and many former NDP supporters in Calgary are now supporting the Liberals.

I am a former NDP member and I voted for Dave Taylor in Calgary Currie. My NDP candidate was a good person but he didn't stand a chance.

JohnD said...

I had the opportunity to meet George Dadamo last week. He is a very impressive man. If he decides to run in Calgary Glenmore he will certainly have my support! Does anyone know where I can make a financial contribution to his campaign?

Anonymous said...

I to, have met Mr. Dadamo recently, and have been impressed with him. He is very socialable, knowledgable, and seems to have a high sense of urgency. With his experience, I feel as though he will provide a breeze of fresh air to this stale, conservative government that we unfortunately cannot get rid of in Alberta. I also feel that the election of Mr. Dadamo as a Liberal will signify the beginning of the end for the Conservative party.

Big West Sky said...

Gee, two anonymous comments within 15 minutes of each other talking about recently meeting Dadamo and talking about how great he is. At least his staff is busy.

Here's what I want to know: why would I, as an Alberta Liberal, want to vote for a New Democrat?

A) What has changed that has made him move to the center?

B) Is he just running under the Liberal label because the NDP have no presence in Calgary?

C) Can we trust him not to cross the floor to the NDP if he's elected?

What's his record with the Liberals? Because I for one am very, very concerned. We have somebody who's:

1. From Ontario
2. A New Democrat
3. A BOB RAE New Democrat
4. With no history in the Liberals.

If I were Swann, why would I even sign his papers?

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about Mr. Dadamo to anwser you questions, Big West Sky, but, I can answer some of your concerns.

1. From Ontario
-So? I'm not from Alberta, and I'd be willing to bet you will find one or two other people out here not from Alberta. Funny thing, we are now a mobile society where borders are disappearing. If we love the province, who cares where we are originally from?
2. A New Democrat and 3. A BOB RAE New Democrat
-20 years ago? Really, is your past an indication of your present self? I know personally that I have changed alot in 20 years, and for the better.
4. With no history of the liberals
-History has to start somewhere. I've switched political allegiance over the last 5 years, and unfortunately, you cannot erase the past, but, new beginnings are a wonderful thing.

Big West Sky said...

Anon 5:29,

If he's going to take the good (experience) from running 20 years ago, he takes the bad too.

I am told George Dadamo has only lived in Alberta a couple of years, and I still need answers to the NDP question - and that's just for me. Maybe you'll eventually satisfy ME about Dadamo, but for the constituency as a whole, you can't wave away these problems.

Most people will learn about the 30 second version of Dadamo: NDP, Ontario, Bob Rae. That's a hill you're never going to climb in a neighborhood that has elected Dianne Colley-Urquhart locally, Preston Manning and Stephen Harper federally, and Ron Stevens provincially.

Oh, and apparently Dadamo's also been a member of the CAW. Wicked.

Anonymous said...

Maybe George Dadamo has some good ideas to offer?

I never vote for parties. I always vote for the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

The Ontario NDP, particularly the 1990's era Bob Rae Ontario NDP and the Alberta NDP are completly different animals.

Anonymous said...

If he's trying to get the Liberal nomination, that's not so much a vote of non-confidence in the Mason, as a pretty typical concession to political reality. One Rae himself has made it seems. And the NDP almost always govern from within shouting distance of the centre. In reality, it's not that big a jump ideologically...assuming we knew where the Liberals' centre of gravity was these days.

Another interesting questions is what it would mean for Swann's personal leadership, if this guy were to actually win. Bringing somebody with experience in government into that caucus of amateurs would probably make for an interesting dynamic.

As for why Swann would sign his papers, remember this is a Liberal leader with no real connection to the Liberal brand himself. Better question is why wouldn't he? Especially when his options my be limited. Getting credible candidates to run is a huge challenge for the Libs. Hopefully decades of party membership isn't a prerequisite for candidacy. We're talking politics here, not the mafia, however hard it might be to distinguish that from Alberta PC politics.

JohnD said...

It doesn’t bother me that he was a member of the Ontario NDP at one point – what I care is about is what he is going to do for my family and me now.

I live in Calgary Glenmore and my wife and I have always, always voted for the PC Party and the federal Conservatives. I am fed up though with politicians who promise one thing and then do another.

George Dadamo: you have my vote and $100.00 towards your campaign.

PC Party Member

Anonymous said...

So, JohnD...

You're just a PC Party member that to my memory has never posted on this blog and just shows up on the day of this announcement to renounce your membership and offer $100 to the NDP candidate?

I, sir, call bullshit.

Big West Sky said...

"Decades of party membership" isn't a prerequisite, but if you ARE going to be active and carry a party membership, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that you run for THAT party, not abandon your allegiance to run for a party with a better shot.

How strong do you think Dadamo's bond to the Alberta Liberals will be? What if eventually the NDP have a better shot to make government? Why would you trust Dadamo not to - in the words of Winston Churchill - "re-fink" and join his original party?

What can I say? When it comes to running for the Alberta Liberals, I feel having decades of membership in the NDP is much worse than having no membership in any party.

Just one man's opinion.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't really bother me if someone moves parties when they cross borders. Party names stand for different things.

In this case, it's clear that George is a left-winger regardless of the stripe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:21:00 PM

The Liberals have held Calgary-Glenmore before, and came very close to winning it more then a few times.

If there is a constituency in South Calgary that will swing Liberal its this one or Elbow.

Not that it will be easy.

Anonymous said...

For those who want to put their money where their mouths are, you can send donations to:

Calgary Glenmore Provincial Liberal Assn.
27 Hobart Road SW
Calgary, Alberta

I'd be interested on how much money arrives.

DeeJ said...

I'd rather put my foot where your arse is. I'm hoping no one sends you a red penny.

The Alberta Liberal party is a horrendous disappointment. The fact that the caucus website still holds no official position on Bill 44 is downright despicable.

The Alberta Liberal Party IS the Titanic (nay...that's an insult to a nice looking boat).

Do you realize how foolish it is to try and run an ex-Rae NDP??? The party has a terminal case of Swann flu.

Anonymous said...

Nice typos in Georgie boy's PDF. "He WAS worked to enhance universal healthcare".

Does nobody proofread these things?

I love the quiet mentioning of him as a legislator. No mention of where or for which party.

Also, never start your political introduction with your parents backstory. It is so far from relevant or interesting...

Anonymous said...

For those interested in the PC side, Diane Colley-Urquhart is holding a press conference today to announce her intent to run for the bad guys.

Earl J. Woods said...

Hi DeeJ,

Just FYI, plenty of Bill 44 questions from Alberta Liberal MLAs have been posted on the caucus website, as well as a couple of videos, including this one:

Earl J. Woods said...

Yikes, not sure if that URL will work for you. Try this shorter link; the video I'm referencing is the third one down.

Anonymous said...

Dadamo represents the new leadership we need in calgary glenmore. It is time for real change and he has our support.

DeeJ said...

Is there any chance he could also stand up for human rights in the classroom? This is about alot more than science. This is about a government that produces a nasty bill. Sure, OK, we'll write sexual orientation into the code, but only a bit. This law now essentially says that you can discriminate against gay people on religious grounds. I thought the supreme court had ruled otherwise. We were better off without this bill.

Can you see it now...Mrs. Smith comes to work as a teacher but can't talk about her wife without sending home permission slips. When you were in elementary, didn't your teachers sometimes mention their own families?

Laurie knows better than this and she should be raising a bigger stink.

Rob Cheshire said...

I am from Windsor, Ontario, and I know Mr. Dadamo. Mr. Dadamo was a Member of Bob Rae's socialist regime that almost bankrupted Ontario. It was the government which had the most closed votes in Ontario history. And, even this government did not trust George with a portfolio, he was an assistant, hmmm. Since Bob Rae has turned Liberal, it is not surprising that George has too!. In 1997, George Dadamo ran in Windsor which has a pop. 200, 000, for Alderman, and couldn't win, what is Calgary going to do with this Leftist?
Rob Cheshire, Windsor