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Saturday, June 06, 2009

it ain't no secret, alberta views wins 'magazine of the year.'

A big congratulations to Alberta Views Magazine for being awarded the covete Magazine of the Year at this weekend's National Magazine Awards in Toronto. Chris Turner was awarded the Gold Medal for his essay 'The Big Decision' and Raymond Biesinger earned an honourable mention for his illustration 'Ten-Year Tabulations,' both which were published in Alberta Views Magazine.

Also on the topics of magazines, make sure to read Darcy Henton's excellent feature article, 'Culture of Secrecy,' in this month's issue of Avenue Magazine.


Alex said...

I highly recommend Chris Turner's book "The Geography of Hope". I read it over the 2007 Christmas holidays, it's a fantastic, thought-provoking read.

daveberta said...

I should also add...

"Six Nominations for the 27th Western Magazine Awards
Alberta Views is nominated by the Western Magazine Awards for Magazine of the Year Alberta/Northwest Territories. The other Alberta Views finalists are Shannon Phillips for her story Head in the Sands (Environmental), Chris Turner, with two nominations for The Big Decision (Environmental & Gold Award Alberta/NWT), Susan Ouriou, a finalist in the Fiction category for her story Violette Bicyclette and Alberta Views' editor Evan Osenton for his article Painting the Province Green (Public Issues),"

kinch said...

Congratulations to the team over at Alberta Views! A high quality product, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alberta Views! I love my subscription!