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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

calgary-glenmore candidate update.

Avalon Roberts was chosen as the Liberal candidate at a nomination meeting in Calgary-Glenmore this week. Over 150 Liberals are reported to have shown up to participate in the meeting, where Roberts faced off against Corey Hogan. (Matthew Naylor live-blogged the evening)

Paul Hinman has been officially nominated as the Wild Rose Alliance candidate.

A by-election to replace former MLA Ron Stevens is expected to take place in Fall 2009.


Anonymous said...

Oh... good...

Avalon Roberts. That's new and refreshing.

Aaron said...

Not much I can say here that hasn't been said already on Tiny Perfect Blog and Calgary Rants, but seriously:

What the hell, Liberals? George Dadamo or Corey Hogan would have been much better choices.

Anonymous said...

If Corey Hogan had sold more than the 80 memberships that Roberts brought with her Hogan would have won. Instead he sold 20. How does that make him a better choice? There are 30,000 people in Glenmore. A better choice would have got more than 80 people out.

daveberta said...

To be fair to Roberts, it's a local nomination decision. The person has the most support from party members at the meeting wins. Roberts had the support of more local members that Hogan to the meeting.

Seems to me that a lot of non-Liberals were saying the same thing about David Swann defeating Dave Taylor in the ALP leadership race. If someone better wanted to win that contest, the should have easily been able to sell more than the 2500 memberships required to win.

There were ~150 people at the Liberal meeting and 15 at the PC acclamation (I'm not sure if there was actually an NDP nomination meeting or if Brian Mason simply appointed Eric Carpendale as the candidate), this is tiny group. To me, it says a lot about the viability of all the parties that they weren't even able to attract competitive candidates to their nomination races. Acclamations are boring.

Anonymous said...

Just think, Dave. A few weeks work and you could've been Liberal leader... A far better choice in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Where is this 80-20 number coming from?

According to the Herald, Roberts won 64-45. So I am confused. Did Roberts sell 25 memberships to people who voted Hogan? If so, that's some mighty power of persuasion young Hogan has.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the NDP will have a nomination meeting at some point now that members brought up the fact that their was no nomination meeting and were asking what was going on.
Because of the mistake that was made the party has now also said that either Notley or Mason will announce the candidacy for nomination of any candidate who comes forward. Of course the damage is likely already done and it's now clear who party higher ups would rather see. I think Carpendale would be an excellent candidate, it's just unfortunate that a proper nomination process did not happen in the first place.

If you check out the Facebook group one of the NDP Staffers origionally stared as an Elect Eric-Carpendale group, it has been changed to an elect the NDP group

Anonymous said...

George Dadamo, Aaron? It turned out his campaign manager was a con man who lied to him about how much money and support he had.

If you think he's better than Avalon, you either haven't been paying attention, or really don't think much of Avalon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Francis, changing your name to anonymous and posting the same tired rant on another page...brilliant! With support like yours Avalon is sure to lose even more votes this time then she did last time.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Avalon Roberts, and I don't really know much about Corey Hogan (maybe he deserved to be beat, for all I know), but it's a bit disappointing that the very first candidate David Swann fields is a three time loser.

It's not exactly filling me with a lot of hope for the future of the party.

Which reminds me, where's the renewal committee report? Wasn't it supposed to be released a month ago?

Chester J said...

There's too many anonymous comments to take this thread seriously.

Avalon won because she had the most support of the constituency association. She earned her victory, and will be putting on a strong challenge to Diane Colley-Urquhart.

Anonymous posters, you keep doing your thing, but we Liberals will get behind her.

I refer you to comments by Corey Hogan himself said yesterday on Tiny Perfect Blog:

"[W]hile I appreciate the support from some posters, and I know it isn't easy being on the losing side of a campaign (I've had quite a bit of experience at it, as of late), taking a swing at Avalon or bemoaning the state of the ALP isn't really helpful.


I hope any Liberal reading this will go out and offer their support to Avalon Roberts. Despite [Tiny Perfect Blog's] predictions, an opportunity exists to send Ed a message and send a Liberal to Edmonton. We'll need all hands on deck to make that happen."

I suggest you take his words to heart.

Jeff S. said...

Anon 9:59 AM...

My tweet from the press conference:

"@bmasonndp announces first contender for the NDP in Calgary Glenmore, Eric Carpendale, #ableg.12:55 PM Jun 9th from TwitterBerry"

And kudos to Corey Hogan for taking the high road on the Lib nomination. All posters could learn a little from his notes.

Anonymous said...

"I suggest you take his words to heart"

As one of those anonymous posters, I'll try Chester, but David Swann's inner circle (I'm looking at you, Francis Wright) make it hard.

I feel like I'm just being chewed up by the Alberta Liberals and spit out. I don't know if I get anything out of it anymore. Dave, how's that new party coming? I know he's giving the party line like a good soldier, but perhaps you guys should consider approaching Corey Hogan to be your candidate in the bielection.

Robert Vollman said...

Over 150 Liberals are reported to have shown up to participate in the meeting

Wow, a 100% turnout among Liberal-voting constituents of Calgary-Glenmore! :)

Anonymous said...

The best the Wildrose Alliance Party is hoping for in Calgary-Glenmore is a 2nd place finish.

Paul has been asked to take a bullet for the team for the sake of generating interest in the WAP and their leadership race.

A 3rd or 4th place finish for Hinman will do nothing for his credibility or that of his party's!

Anonymous said...

I was there at the Calgary-Glenmore nomination. I came not knowing who I would vote for, but ended up choosing Roberts for her experience (specifically her familiarity with health-care issues). Yes, she is a three-time loser. But she is also a name people recognise. Corey Hogan had a great speech and definitly possesses enough enthusiasm to run a campaign, but has less education and political experience to back him up. I pictured the Tories kicking his ass in the legislature.

Tyler said...

Let me be clear from the start. I don't really give a damn that Cory lost, and the contest is over anyways. But it's annoying to hear forced justifications.

You can't honestly argue the Tories would kick Cory's ass in the legislature. He was good enough that David Swann had him be Ed Stelmach during debate prep last month.

While he might have less political experience than Avalon, he certainly has more than most candidates. The guy ran Taylor's leadership for crying out loud.

I think you're just trying to wrap your ageism in a blanket of high-mindedness. And if that's the way people in the Liberal Party feel, why do we under-30s want to help?

You want our sweat, blood, and tears (and volunteer hours and money). To get it, you have to want our voices as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a young candidate is not elected so it all has to do with ageism.....

Tyler said...

No, you're not paying attention.

Anonymous 6:19 said that Cory had a great speech and enough enthusiasm to run a campaign, and acknowledged Avalon was a three time loser. But said that Cory had less education and political experience, and that the Tories would kick his ass in the legislature.

I'm saying that argument doesn't hold water. And if it doesn't hold water, it sounds like an excuse to cover the real reason Anonymous 6:19 didn't vote for him.

Karen B said...

Why is this even a discussion?

Diane Colley-Urquhart will win. whoever the Liberals nomination will place second. And the NDP will remain in an irrelevant competition with the Social Credit Party for fifth or sixth place. The NDP would have a better chance if they finally dumped old socialist Mason for their new progressive star Rachel Notley.

Wild Rose has a better chance at third place.

Anonymous said...

Deny, deny, deny!!!

In spite of all the protesting "it ain't so," watch for the WAP to get the Alberta Party name before their leadership race on Oct. 17, 2009!!!